About us


At Securplus, our team of professionals can meet all your security solution needs. From analyzing our customers’ demands, to coordinating your projects, we will take charge of everything, starting from the initial installation, to the after-sales service. We offer the best possible security proposals to all our customers and ensure that our services satisfy every industry, whether it be residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, or retail.


Our dedicated team at SecurPlus is motivated to develop a safer environment for you, while also extending the feeling of well-being to everyone that surrounds you. With that said, our mission is to ensure everyone’s health, happiness, and protection, by providing security solutions that fit your specific needs. We do not stop there! We take that extra step to make all our customers feel like they are part of the SecurPlus family.


There are multiple companies in Quebec that offer security services. In order to survive in this market, we need to adapt ourselves to an environment of constant technological growth, playing an important role in our field and thus ensuring that our customers get excellent service.
Despite the competitive market and all the technological changes, since 1992, we have been able to flourish in the security industry. Vincent Rossi, President of the Groupe Securplus initially started the company to enhance the security market in Quebec. Our primary goal was to create a trustworthy company that offers customer satisfaction and assurance with the best of security solutions. Today, with more than 15 employees and 6,000 clients across Quebec and Canada, we continue to satisfy our clientele by focusing on diversified solutions all while maintaining those family values.