Package Thieves Are Getting Ready for the Holidays

The holiday season is a time of joy for families, but also for thieves. The number of online orders is increasing every year and this trend will become even more important due to COVID-19. It is therefore a growing opportunity for thieves to fill up on gifts. Stop them from darkening your Christmas by following these tips.

  1. Make sure to follow your package carefully.

Most delivery companies offer you the possibility to track your order in real time. They even tell you when it will be delivered to you. Plan ahead and be there as soon as the delivery is completed.

  2. Give directions.

Can't be at home when you receive it? No problem. Sometimes, you can leave instructions for the delivery man. Tell him/her where to put the package. It can be behind your recycling bin or garbage can, under a chair or on the side of the house. All hiding places are good.

  3. Talk to a trusted neighbour.

Due to the pandemic, many of your neighbours are likely to be home throughout the day. Let them know you're expecting a package. They could keep it safe for you or look from time to time to make sure it's still there.

  4. Install cameras or a smart doorbell.

You could use technology to protect your package. Smart doorbell is an economical and useful long-term solution that can easily keep thieves away. How ? Doorbells have a built-in camera, so when motion is detected, you receive a notification on your phone. Then, when you confirm that it is a thief, you can talk to him in real time. His first reaction will probably be to flee the premises immediately leaving the package behind.

  5. Opt for a safe with a padlock.

A simple way to protect your order is to leave a box with an unlocked padlock. The delivery man will simply put the package inside and lock the padlock.

  6. Install locks connected to your mobile.

With new home automation technologies, you can control your locks with your phone. Thus, when your delivery man rings, all you have to do is unlock the door remotely and tell him to put the order inside. It's as simple as that.

  We hope these tips will help you keep your gift safe. The entire team wishes you a happy holiday season.

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