Securvu Live Video Monitoring

Live video monitoring helps protect against :

Detailed reporting, theft, trespassing, vehicle damage, site accidents, guard cost, and compliance.

Advantages :

- Real-time information helps enforce safety/compliance
- Talk-down capabilities provide alerts, prevent trespass, and intruders
- Cost-effective solutions can be integrated with existing equipment and secure multiple sites
- Alarms derived from advanced video analytics detect and prevent crimes in progress; leads to quicker response times
- Video evidence and reports verify on-site accidents, employee hours, and trade worker disputes
- 24/7 monitoring, including weekends
- Advanced outdoor asset protection minimizes liability and insurance costs
- Customizable security service protocols and reporting
- Forensic video analysts provide unlimited video reviews for facility managers

The procedure

1. Detect: Using Video Analytics technology, individuals are spotted and verified as trespassers by our video analyst team.

2. Respond: Authorities are notified immediately of a live crime in progress, and given a description and location of suspect(s).

3. Arrest: Police arrived armed with Securplus intelligence, meaning criminals are more likely to be caught in the act and apprehended.

4. Report: Site managers arrive the next morning to Securplus with the video report of arrest and confirmation that no valuables were stolen.

Perfect for :

-Academic establishments
-Transport and logistics
-Marijuana production plant
-Car dealership

What our clients are saying

"We were able to secure our sites while saving close to 50% compared to using a guard and we were also able to save additional money by using the video to resolve incidents that occurred on site. ’’ - D’inzeo Paolo, Ville Marie KIA

‘’The SECUR VU staff are always there, providing a very professional and efficient service. The team clearly has an excellent management structure. We have had tremendous success on site both identifying and responding to trespassers and potential would be thieves.’’ - Pierre Riendeau, Riendeau Sport